Corpus linguistics in historical dialectology: a case study of Cypriot

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Io Manolessou & Notis Toufexis
University of Patras & University of Cambridge

The present paper gives an overview of the branch of corpus linguistics that deals with historical corpora, i.e. electronic text compilations of of past forms of language, and discusses their applicability and availability for the study of the history of the Greek language. The methodology for constructing a historical corpus of the Cypriot dialect (Corpus of Medieval Cypriot Texts, CMCT) is presented, with discussion criteria for text inclusion and of modelling and implementation issues (mark-up languages, metadata, digital transcription methods).

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XML-based transcriptions of medieval Greek manuscripts:Balancing the needs of different end-users.

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Digital Classicist Work in progress seminar, Institute for Classical studies, London [07.2006]

This was a paper for a seminar series of Digital Classicist. It was meant for publication for a special issue of the Digital Medievalist but was unfortunately never completed. The manuscript in question is discussed also on my talk on the Thematoepistolae. The Powerpoint presentation is available as PDF-file.