Plugins and template for dokuwiki

19. Νοεμβρίου 2017, Author: Notis Toufexis

I am maintaining over at a collection of personal notes, class-materials and other (mostly) work-related stuff. I have used several CMS and wiki-software over the years and after serious consideration, I have now settled with dokuwiki.

Dokuwiki is my wiki-software of choice: does not use a database (easy to move around), has high-quality plugins and a low learnig curve.

My template choice is bootsrap3; it’s fully responsive (a must these days) and fully configurable. I am the «deciding by installing» type of guy and bootstraps3 ticked all the boxes for me.

With the fontface plugin I was able to use Google Fonts for the individual look. This is how the site looks:

I am using following plugins for workflow enhancements:

    • Odt: Export any page as .odt document
    • Ckgedit: Toggle between Dokuwiki and WYSIWIG Editor
    • Imgpaste: Paste pictures directly from the clipboard (great for screenshots)
    • Video Share Plugin: Easily embed Videos from Social Sites
    • Note: Colourful notes within pages


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