Forms of Code-Switching in Greek literary Texts

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Paper given together with Sophia Voulgari. International Colloquium ›Code Switching, Accomodation and Multilingualism‹ of the Research Centre 538: Multilingualism of the University of Hamburg [12.2000]

An interesting paper with many examples of mixing of registers in different periods of Greek. I have got an old Powerpoint (MacOs 9) with text examples which I will upload online after the necessary conversion.


H αντιγραφή µεσαιωνικών δηµωδών κειµένων τον 15. αι. O ρόλος του κωδικογράφου

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Copying vernacular texts in the 15th c. The role of the manuscript scribe

International Congress ›Neograeca Medii Aevi V‹, University of Oxford [09.2000]

This paper was published in the proceedings of the conference in a very short form. There is still a lot to be written about this question.