Creating a database for the ‘Grammar of Medieval Greek’ project

19. Απριλίου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

“Creating a database for the ‘Grammar of Medieval Greek’ project”, in: Ι. Μαυρομάτης (εκδ.), Πρακτικά του διεθνούς συνεδρίου Neograeca Medii Aevi VI: Πρώιμη νεοελληνική δημώδης γραμματεία. Γλώσσα, παράδοση και ποιητική, Οκτώβριος 2005, Ιωάννινα (in press)

The main goal of the “Grammar of Medieval Greek project” is to produce a com­prehensive Grammar of Medieval Greek in book form;1 an electronic publication of the material collected in the process, or in the Grammar itself, is not planned for the time being. However, from its beginning the research project relies heavily upon the use of electronic resources; this is a reasonable decision when one has to collect and organize large amounts of data. Nowadays it is also often considered as a prerequisite for funding a large-scale research project. This paper aims at de­scribing all issues that are related to the creation of a custom-built electronic database and tries not to concentrate on technical aspects (as the interested read­er can find a full description of technical matters elsewhere) but on issues con­cerning modelling of data and research methodology.

You can download here the PDF-file

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