Tools for converting Beta code to Unicode

26. Απριλίου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

Betacode description:

 Online tools:

1. Sean Redmond’s Greek Font to Unicode converter:

CGI based conversion tool, supports cut&paste.

2. Cental (Centre du traitement automatique du langage) Beta Code to Unicode Converter:

Lets you upload and convert whole files from the TLG CD ROM to Unicode.

3. Michael Neuhold’s greekconverter: (inactive?)

Java-Applets and downloadable Java-Classes for converting between beata code and other encodings.

Applications, JAVA-Classes usw.

1. Epidoc collaborative: Transcoder:

Java based converter for plain text files.

2. Lucius Hartmann’s BetaCodeConverter bzw. GreekKeysConverter (Mac OS):

MacOs applicaton, converts RTF and TXT files from and to many encodings.

3. Antioch classical languages utility von Ralph Hancock:

VBA based conversion utility.

4. Burkhard Meißner’s View and Find:

View & Find is a MS-DOS program to interact with, decode, extract, search and automatically index the beta code files on the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae E and Packard Humanities Institute #5.3 and #7 CD ROMs. (thanks to B. Meißner for the info)

5. betautf8 – a fast, flexible beta code to unicode (utf8) file converter: (thanks to B. Meißner for the info)

TLG and PHI search engines supporting Unicode

1. Diogenes:

Perl based, cross platform search engine for the PHI and TLG CD Roms.

2. Workplace Pack vom SilverMountain Software:

Unicode aware search engine program for the TLG CD ROM.

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