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Diglossia and register variation in Medieval Greek

5. Αυγούστου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

Published in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Vol. 32 No. 2 (2008) 203–217 The journal is available online at This article recognizes diglossia as a key phenomenon for the interpretation of the existence of different registers in the late Byzantine period (twelfth-fifteenth centuries). The main characteristics of Byzantine diglossia are outlined and associated with […]


Creating a database for the ‘Grammar of Medieval Greek’ project

19. Απριλίου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

“Creating a database for the ‘Grammar of Medieval Greek’ project”, in: Ι. Μαυρομάτης (εκδ.), Πρακτικά του διεθνούς συνεδρίου Neograeca Medii Aevi VI: Πρώιμη νεοελληνική δημώδης γραμματεία. Γλώσσα, παράδοση και ποιητική, Οκτώβριος 2005, Ιωάννινα (in press) The main goal of the “Grammar of Medieval Greek project” is to produce a com­prehensive Grammar of Medieval Greek in […]

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One era’s nonsense, 
another’s norm.
Diachronic study of Greek 
and the computer

13. Απριλίου 2007, Author: Notis Toufexis

Classics Association Conference 2007, Birmingham Panel Digital Classicist 2, 13 April 2007 You can find the slides of my presentation here.


H αντιγραφή µεσαιωνικών δηµωδών κειµένων τον 15. αι. O ρόλος του κωδικογράφου

2. Σεπτεμβρίου 2000, Author: Notis Toufexis

Copying vernacular texts in the 15th c. The role of the manuscript scribe International Congress ›Neograeca Medii Aevi V‹, University of Oxford [09.2000] This paper was published in the proceedings of the conference in a very short form. There is still a lot to be written about this question.