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Register variation in Modern Greek. The synchronic perspective

11. Φεβρουαρίου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

A one hour lecture exploring register variation in Modern Greek. Part of the Gr7 paper (MML Tripos, University of Cambridge). You can download here a PDF file with the slides used in the lecture. The short movie extract demonstrating the use of καθαρεύουσα can also be found here.


καθαρεύουσα vs δημοτική. An audio-visual example

11. Φεβρουαρίου 2008, Author: Notis Toufexis

This short extract from the 1959 film «Ο Ηλίας του 16ου» demonstrates the use of καθαρεύουσα in formal settings. You can find a simple transcription in Greek below. Update 02.01.2010: Have a look at this example (from the Digital Archives of Greek Television – ERT), a more extreme example of καθαρεύουσα use from an institutional […]


Web 2.0

6. Φεβρουαρίου 2007, Author: Notis Toufexis

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the hype about web 2.0 etc. to students. I have seen this in techorati’s most popular videos: This is a quite brilliant introduction to «Web 2.0», I am not sure I agree with the last sentence («change ourselves») but this is a subject of a different post.

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Ένα βήµα µετά την γραφοµηχανή; Σύγχρονες εφαρµογές των υπολογιστών στη Φιλολογία

1. Οκτωβρίου 2005, Author: Notis Toufexis

Μεταπτυχιακό σεμινάριο στον Τομέα ΜΝΕΣ του ΑΠΘ που διοργάνωσε ο Μίλτος Πεχλιβάνος στα πλαίσια της επιστημονικής συνάντησης  «Φιλολογία και Νέες Τεχνολογίες». Οι διαφάνειες της παρουσίασης είναι διαθέσιμες εδώ.


Discourse Markers und Textorganisation

2. Ιουνίου 2002, Author: Notis Toufexis

Internal Colloquium of the working group ›Discourse and sentence connectors‹ at the Research Centre 538: Multilingualism, University of Hamburg [06.2002]


Η Διήγησις τῶν ζώων τῶν τετραπόδων και ο Πουλολόγος στο ίδιο χειρόγραφο: ο σύµµεικτος εικονογραφηµένος κώδικας Serail gr. 35

2. Μαΐου 2002, Author: Notis Toufexis

The Tale of the Quadrupeds and the Poulologos in the same manuscript: the illustrated codex Serail gr. 35 International Congress “Miscellaneous Manuscripts of Late Byzantine and Early Modern Greek Literary Texts”, Athens (Danish Institut of Athens) [5.2002]


Wissenstradierung in Wort und Schrift in der Diglossie des griechischen Mittelalters

2. Απριλίου 2002, Author: Notis Toufexis

Handing over of knowledge through discourse in Medieval Greek Diglossia Plenary talk at the Research Centre 538: Multilingualism of the University of Hamburg [4.2002] This is the first major talk I did on my own, it’s all about trasfer of knowledge through language and written texts in the Greek-speaking Middle Ages. The Powerpoint presentation is […]


Von der Belehrung zur Unterhaltung. Die institutionellen Funktionen des literarischen Erzählens im griechischen Mittelalter

2. Μαρτίου 2002, Author: Notis Toufexis

From instructing to entertaining: the institutional functions of narrative discourse in the Greek medieval World 24. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS) at the University of Mannheim [03.2002] This was a paper about the use of narrative text in language education in Byzantine times and their transformation to entertainment texts in the Early Modern […]