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I am Notis Toufexis and I write here occasionally in English, mostly about aspects of digital technology that catch my interest. If you are interested in earlier publications of mine, have a look at my page in Greek or here for the PDFs.

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  1. John Kountouris


    I just discovered you site and it's fantastic. The reason I stumbles across it is because I as a Greek/Greek-American (born in the US) have a fervent desire for my Hellenic heritage to keep it, preserve it and teach it to all those who love Hellenism. I have been studying, researching and discovering the riches of the Greek language, from it's proto forms to the present day, for many years. I also have been studying the history of Greece for a long time, along with modern history and all its political, social and cultural developments. I have visited Hellas many times and have become a subject of it too. I am also deeply involved with the Faith, too, studying the history of the Church from day one till now.

    I would like to apply my knowledge of Greek and Greece–and its extensive–to the academic setting, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I know so much and I feel like it's time to start applying this knowledge. Many have told me that I should become a professor in these fields and I feel this is definitely a calling.

    What I need is to find a good program where I can start on a good program to obtain a Masters in either Modern, Ancient, Byzantine, or all of the above, Greek. Also, I would like to include history as well. I have researched before on the net for a good school, but I am confused and the search is hard.

    Can you recommend any programs out there in these fields? I actually have studied intensively the subjects you specialize in, especially the Diglossia. All of this work on my own because this is my life's passion.

    I would really appreciate any advice!

    John Kountouris

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